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To rank the most virtuous Yachts, this is the ambition of the SEA Index

On Tuesday September 22, The Yacht Club de Monaco and Credit Suisse announced the launch of the Superyacht Eco Association (SEA) Index, the first index to measure the environmental impact for yachts and super yachts. This indicator is at the initiative of boat owners, shipowners and various players in the boating industry who wish to enhance the image of this often criticized industry. The yachting industry is growing, but it is imperative that the environmental impact is not increasingly harmful.

For a more sustainable approach, yachting offers through the SEA Index to measure its energy impact so that the industry turns to an eco-responsible approach and this first step is an excellent initiative.

Already in action, the index is based on a technical calculation, based on numerous data, which measures CO2 emissions according to well-defined conditions such as the number of guests on board, the distance traveled, or the duration of the trip. navigation… The precise details of the calculation are not disclosed, but do announce a calculation based on the initial IMO EEDI methodology, modified to adapt to the super yachts.

The latter can therefore evaluate their index for free, by going directly to the site to participate in the online calculation, but the issuance of a certificate and the flag corresponding to a degree of approval will be chargeable.

The first step is therefore to understand the individual impact in order to then change the industry globally. The impact of the first measures will allow a significant evolution of innovation, and of research and development.

The index starts on a representative calculation basis, but it will quickly be interesting and useful to change it to improve performance. Thus, the index will be able to integrate more complex measurements with data linked to an eco-responsible desire. It is moreover in the forecasts of the SEA Index to begin its calculations on measurements of atmospheric pollution of yachts, but to make them evolve towards other fields and thus to constitute the first reference frame of yachting. The SEA Index will therefore position itself on assessments including areas such as propulsion systems, energy recovery, chemicals, waste and water.

The SEA Index association hopes that the actors of the sector will contribute to the collection of information, and EcoTank welcomes this approach and looks forward to the calculations integrating waste and contaminated water for example, in order to participate efficiently in the evolution of the index. The discharge of liquid waste is a real scourge and being a player present throughout the French Riviera, we underline the environmental efforts and the control policy put in place by the port of Monaco.

We have been a partner for many years with the port of Monaco, which is the most rigorous in terms of control of discharges. We have had data for over ten years, and we would love to share these metrics to help drive the evolution of the SEA Index calculation.

Thank you and congratulations to the Yacht Club de Monaco and Credit Suisse, supported by Nobiskrug for this new tool which, we hope, will encourage the industry to develop new solutions to reduce the environmental impact.

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