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The first Franchise that benefits the Oceans: EcoTank Partner

“A single EcoTank barge in a single port, in a single region and in a single country is a simple service; on the other hand, if you find this same barge in all the ports and marinas of the world, then at that point, this is the solution ".

A real revolution in the management of solid and liquid waste in ports and marinas, EcoTank launches EcoTank PARTNER, the first eco-responsible license for the good of the oceans, seas, rivers and lakes.

Present on the French Riviera for more than 12 years, EcoTank wishes to develop its services in France and internationally to disseminate its know-how to counter pollution linked to yachting and yachting.

"Made in France" innovation, EcoTank services are based on multiservice work boats created and developed by Wilfried Point, founder of the Azure Trend group. These unsinkable mobile stations, certified by Bureau Veritas, allow, among other things, the pumping of wastewater, bilge water, oils and hydrocarbons, the management of trash cans on board, the collection of macro-waste ... And many other services to reduce pollution linked to yachting and yachting.

Beyond sanitation, cleaning and depollution services, EcoTank PARTNER offers a response to an ecological scourge: discharges at sea, however prohibited. A cruel lack of information and awareness let boaters throw their gray and black water into the sea. No more excuses, EcoTank goes as far as mooring, regardless of the vessel, to treat pollutant discharges at the source, liquids and solids, and no longer contaminate bodies of water. In 2019, EcoTank collected more than 6.5 million liters of wastewater between Monaco and St Tropez, 19% more than the previous year.

Thanks to Ecotank, there are also half a million liters of diesel, bilge water and oil that were pumped in 2019, and more than 500 emergency clean-up interventions. This is to say how the progression can be exponential if awareness and respect for the law increases. Awareness campaigns are developing, like Morbihan, which has been doing so all summer. Informing is a good start, but more and more ports are positioning themselves on a more punitive system with the implementation of vessel controls; and EcoTank is positioned as the appropriate solution, thanks to its mobility and its small ecological footprint.

At a time when the effects of the health crisis make you want to leave the city, to reorient yourself professionally, to give meaning to your life, to implement eco-responsible values, EcoTank PARTNER is an incredible opportunity for all committed entrepreneurs focused on sustainable development. EcoTank PARTNER offers an exclusive geographical concession, tailor-made training and support, as well as privileged access to all the additional services of the AzureTrend group, such as support for construction sites in monitoring and pollution prevention with the distribution of equipment or even thanks to the Emergen'Sea on-call service which intervenes on all kinds of marine or even land pollution. The services around these work boats are multiple, and can thus adapt to each environment and each need.

You have questions ? Do you want information? The sales team is on hand to help us work together to keep the waters blue.

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