Our Businesses
Azure Trend has been created by the synergy of yachting professionals and technology innovators, harnessing the energy and ideas from the hi-tech world and applying the same business vigor to the area of the waste water management in the boating world. The maritime law recognizes the environmental damage resulting from the uncontrolled dumping of used water and Azure Trend has developed services for boat owners/operators and marina officials, making compliance simple and realisable.

We acknowledge that it may appear difficult for ports and yachts to make the changes to stop the damage to the marine environment caused by dumping waste water into the sea, lakes and rivers. However Azure Trend is dedicated to finding cost and time effective solutions for each of the players in the yachting industry and by offering a high level of customer service, we at Azure Trend aim to create a momentum which will help us all .... Keep the Waters Blue.

Treating all elements of the onboard water system

Sourcing and supplying the right parts for yachts, ship yards and chandlers.

Installation, Maintenance and Repair of all Water systems onboard. Custom-built holding tanks from a variety of materials. Result: A Law compliant and odour-free vessel, that's a pleasure for owners and guests to use and captain and crew to operate.

Pumping out Used Water (Grey, Black and Bilge) at your Convenience and cleaning tanks and bilges.
EcoDist, EcoNorm and EcoTank are all trading names of Azure Trend SAS.  This company has been formed in summer 2011 with the joining together of the water specialists from EcoDist, EcoNorm and EcoTank together with business angels from Sophia Antipolis in France.  The business angels have become deeply involved in the business as the passion of Wilfried and the team is inspiring, their commitment is total and the need for change is pressing.  If you wish to partner with us to change the seas then please get in touch with us.  We would love to hear from you.